Adnan Siddiqui meeting Nawaz Sharif is all it took for PTI supporters to bring their meme game

Actor Adnan Siddiqui has made no secret of his support for Imran Khan but that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to have a dialogue with other political leaders for the sake of his passion: cinema.

On Monday, the PML-N shared a photo of the actor with the party’s supreme leader Nawaz Sharif while promoting the Eid release Dum Mastam in London.


The photo started circulating on Twitter as fodder for the meme influx launched by PTI supporters.

Reporter Murtaza Ali Shah also shared a video of the Mom actor post-meeting, in which Siddiqui says he had a “great meeting”. The Ye Dil Mera actor revealed the purpose of the meetup, saying he extended an invitation to the former premier to come watch his film. “He [Sharif] said that we’re thinking about your fraternity quite a lot. The discussion also revolved around film policy,” he added.


The meeting could not escape meme-makers, especially PTI supporters who seemed to take it personally. One user created an overlay of an infamous slap scene from the hit show Mere Paas Tum Ho over the photo of the two.


Another Twitter user went all out and merged the video with the same scene but with an extended duration of the Ghughi actor getting beat up, adding an Indian meme reaction and a popular sound effect used at the end of funny videos. They called it the aftermath of Siddiqui’s meetup with Sharif.


Oops, looks like the actor pressed the wrong button.


The shade.



Netizens used Siddiqui’s own viral meme template against him.



Some PTI supporters are laughing it off.


While the PTI-PML-N political rhetoric right now is extremely intense, we’re glad for some lighthearted memes to elicit a few laughs.

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