Pakistani Twitter adds petrol pump ownership to rishta requirements as petrol prices cross Rs200 per litre

Petrol prices are going up and so are memes as Pakistanis use humour to cope with an increasingly difficult situation.

After just a week since the last hike, the prices have climbed to Rs209.86 per litre for petrol and Rs204.15 per litre for diesel. The government increased the prices of petroleum products by Rs30 per litre on Thursday.

The situation has most Pakistanis with their heads in their hands, trying to figure out ways to get through the rising inflation.

Pakistani Twitter often deals with difficult situations by firing out memes — that’s what it did for the first increase and how it’s coping this time around as well. From adding petrol pump ownership to rishta requirements to trying to striking up a conversation with Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, they’re using all their resources to deal with the crisis.

Welcome to America!


More izzat for petrol in this economy.


Rishta CVs need to be updated.


Forget the future, it’s back to the past for us, guys.



Diplomatic solutions ftw!


Coming soon!


It be like that.


What lifestyle change are you considering to cope with the petrol hike?

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