‘Hauntingly beautiful’: Yasra Rizvi is in awe of Grammy winner Arooj Aftab’s voice

We love seeing Pakistani artists building up other Pakistani artists and Yasra Rizvi did that when she expressed her love for Grammy winner Arooj Aftab and her music.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the Churails actor re-shared a clip of Aftab’s song ‘Udhero Na’ and complimented her voice.


Rizvi wrote that the first time she heard Aftab was 10 years ago and hasn’t heard a voice like hers ever since. She described it as “hauntingly beautiful” yet simply soulful and profoundly sad but “all sorts of free”.

A week ago Aftab had shared a clip from the music video of the song where she hums the hook of ‘Udhero Na’. It received appreciation from comedian Ali Gul Pir as well, who said he loves the song.


In the post Aftab had asked her followers if they ever feel “haunted by the memory of someone beautiful” from their past.

Like many of her other melodies, ‘Udhero Na’ features Aftab’s soft vocals paired with instrumental sounds. It’s a collaboration with Indian singer Anoushka Shankar who, like Aftab, also performs various genres.

According to Aftab’s Instagram post, the song was originally written by her in 2005 and later became part of her album Vulture Prince. All the songs in the album are about emotions and grief and ‘Udhero Na’ means to undo, hinting at the painful memories and the past.

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