Junaid Khan launches his own production house Jeem Films

Singer and actor Junaid Khan has launched his own production house called Jeem Films. He called the company a space where he wants to give life to all those who are ambitious about art and creativity.

He announced the news on his Instagram page with the promise of a new project releasing soon.


“With two of my songs already under its umbrella, I am excited to finally announce the launch of my media production house. A journey I embarked on almost a year ago, and after ‘Taqdeer’ and ‘Chaska’, we are all set to release another power project real soon,” he wrote.

“Production is the next step for any artist. I’ve been on various sides of the media, be it music, TV, fashion or films,” Khan told Images. “The next logical step was production.”

He said after producing his own songs, starting with ‘Taqdeer’, his next project will be officially announced soon.

“The next logical step would be to go into production and I’m just exploring myself and looking forward to creating more stories and having some fun,” he said.

“In this market, there are so many stories that haven’t been highlighted yet, lots of genres that have not been explored in Pakistan yet and with the coming digital age, there are new avenues opening, new producers, new directors and new talent [coming in]. I believe there’s a cycle of which I am a small part,” he said.

“In terms of overall industry growth, I’m just a small block but I felt that I needed to play my part and give my creative input so the industry gets more mass and grows more. Each and every artist contributes towards its growth and I’m just a small block playing my part,” he said.

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