Protests across country over hours-long loadshedding

LAHORE (INN) – Protests are being held across country after hours-long loadshedding in different cities including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and several others. The power shortfall has reached up to its worst condition in the scorching heat and humid weather.

Citizens of different cities staged protests on roads against the hours-long power outages.

Situation of loadshedding in the federal capital also worsened due to which routine work in markets and home chores are being badly affected.

Duration of power outages in Peshawar reached up to 14 hours in the rural areas. While the duration of loadshedding in the urban areas has reached up to 18 hours.

PESCO spokesperson said that several feeders are triping due to the hot weather. He said that PESCO is getting the quota of 590 MW while the city is facing forced loadshedding of 880 MW.

The shortfall in Faisalabad has crossed 1100 MW due to which the city has to face unscheduled loadshedding.

Meanwhile, in Karachi the power outages has reached up to 12 to 14 hours. The areas which have been affected are Liaqatabad, Karimabad, Malir, Aurangi Town, Gulestan-e-Johar, Machar Colony and several others.

Earlier on Tuesday, due to prolonged loadshedding in the city, residents of Lahore staged protest in various areas as the continuous power outages in the city increased the miseries of the public, causing difficulties to perform daily chores.

The areas which were affected by the power shutdown included Dharampura, Johar Town, Ghaziabad, Iqbal Town, Mustafabad, Rustam Park, Nawankot, Samanabad, Saddar, Harbanspura, Amir Town and adjoining areas.

Angry residents staged protest against unannounced loadshedding at Hamdard Chowk and blocked roads by burning tyres. The protesters also chanted slogans against the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO).

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