14 Reasons Why You Should be a Proud Pakistani?

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The political crises, rampant corruption, and unbeatable heat has made life difficult for Pakistanis. Here are 14 amazing facts about this beautiful country that will surely chin you up:

  1. Pakistan has the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world.
  2. PIA holds the record for the shortest flight time between Karachi and London. The plane completed the flight in a mere six hours, forty three minutes and fifty five seconds.
  3. Khewra Salt mine is the oldest salt mine, while the second largest in the world.
  4. Pakistan is the only country in the world with a fertile desert: Tharparkar desert, Sindh.
  5. According to a survey Pakistan’s national flag is among the top five most beautiful state flags in the world.
  6. Pakistan is also home to the world’s longest glacial system that lies outside the polar-regions: the Biafo Glacier.
  7. Pakistan is also home to the worlds largest man-made forest: Changa Manga which spreads over an astounding 12,423 acres. The forest was named after two dacoit brothers, and was planted by the British foresters in 1866.
  8. Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world.
  9. Pakistan has the world’s largest deep sea port located along the coastline of Baluchistan: Gwadar. It is more than 14 meters deep, and has an area of 64,000 square meters.
  10. Despite the gender gap, Pakistan is the first Muslim country to have woman as its Prime Minister: Benazir Bhutto also holds record for being the first woman leader to give birth while serving in office.
  11. Pakistan is the first Muslim country to become nuclear power.
  12. The celebrated Rambo III, starring legendary actor Sylvester Stallone was shot in Pakistan.
  13. The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, and Faisal Masjid in Islamabad are two of the world’s largest mosques.
  14. According to a survey, Pakistan is also home to the world’s most intelligent people. It ranked at number four on the survey.



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