“Amber Heard is a Husband Beater” trends on Twitter

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Amber Heard is a Husband Beater Trends on Twitter

Almost a month has gone by since the trial of the century was over and Johnny Depp came out as the winner. However, Twitter users are still not done with it. Everyday we have seen different trends on Twitter which are mostly lambasting Amber Heard, calling her a liar, perjurer, and the latest one, a husband beater.

Amber Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp sued the actress, in 2019, for defamation over an op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post. In the USD 50 million lawsuit, Depp claimed Heard’s allegations caused him major movie roles including his celebrated role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, and Fantastic beasts which had already begun filming, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars for the veterinary actor. Amber Heard counter sued for USD 100 million dollars citing the same reasons.

However, after two months of gut wrenching verdicts by Depp’s close friends, and Amber Heard’s witnesses, the jury found that Depp had proven all the elements of defamation for all three statements from Heard’s 2018 op-ed. 

Johnny Depp, and his fans celebrated his victory, but hatred for Amber Heard did not settle. From the beginning of the trial, till today, trends related to Amber Heard have been on top of the Twitter trends’ list. Some of these trends included:




The recent trend: #AmberHeardIsAHusbandBeater comes as a result of the UK Tabloid: The Sun calling Johnny Depp a wife beater. In the court of public opinion, Amber Heard has become a recalitrant recidivist who “is above the law”, according to one tweet. Pictures of the edited Sun’s cover have also been circulating where Amber Heard has been captioned as a husband beater.

Regardless, the world’s obsession and hatred towards Amber Heard only keeps on boiling. Many believe it is because of her antics that included giving an interview on national television, still playing the victim, after the trial was over, and her team’s constant disregard for the jury, and court. 




Amna Sheikh

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