How is technology forging the Future of Sales for Struggling brands?

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The advancement in IT has altered the way people make their buying decisions. They can get access to a 360 degree view of a service, or a product, by a simple tap of their finger on the screen. The customer can assess the pros and cons of the brand they want to opt for, and even check out other options available. This has all been made possible through the Covid-19 pandemic which put a full stop to in house sales, and powered digital channels for interaction and processes. Researchers have established that 3 out of 4 buyer prefer digital shopping and remote human engagement.

The responsibility of attracting customers has driven conventional markets to reform their strategies and implement campaigns that will influence their prospects the right way.

Following is a list of steps a brand can take for keeping the playing field leveled despite the continuously evolving market practice, and purchasing habits.

  1. Understand the Customer Life Cycle

A brand needs to understand the customer life cycle, which consists of multiple unique stages. It is a fluid process, depending on the buyer’s personal behavior and needs. Analyze data about the buyer life cycle to present exciting opportunities for the sales organization. Analyzing data can help companies in triangulating particular marketing and sales efforts which can lead to different step such as the number of clicks, phone calls, downloads etc.

  1. Consult, Consult, Consult

The Covid-19 pandemic has given sellers from across the globe equal opportunity for marketing and selling their goods. Charity functions, and high profile events are no longer the norm. Instead, sellers have to focus more on offering ROI. In other words, whatever they sell, should be the buyer’s money’s worth. This will be only possible if you consult your prospects and current customers about what they need, what they might be expecting and what they might not like, etc.

  1. Allow the Platform to Work Its Magic

The post-Covid-19 market is focusing more on the challenger sale. The sellers challenge their prospects for additional value. Businesses expect their customers and vendors to challenge them. Since customers know what they want, they are not afraid of asking difficult questions that might not strike the right chord with the respective brand.

So, talk to your customers, bridge the gap which were earlier missed during in-house sales. Collect data from your customers, through emails, surveys, and other sources to get a holistic view about your clients.

  1. Don’t Forget CRM

Many businesses in Pakistan are still not familiar with CRM and how to incorporate it in their strategy. A customer relationship management (CRM) application can make things really easy for you. It will also give you access to more information that you can use to answer customer questions without any delay.

As the old adage goes, modern problems, require modern solutions. In the post-pandemic era, using CRM, keeping in touch with your customers, and having insight about your competition can make things really easy for struggling brands that fell victim to pandemic. More information on your customers and their behavior can help clarify the future plan of action, and the strategies that you need to implement and make sure your business strive through this difficult time.






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