‘’Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.’’ – Carl Sagan

Kindness is a response of empathy to grief and pain enabling humans to understand and accept each other to live with peace. It deals with unhealthy patterns of society through love and eliminates the elements of fear, anger, and skirmishes. For me, kindness is a reflection of humanity. It finds expression through us and fills people with the fire of passion to share their love in the service of humanity regardless of seeking accolades. Human nature is kind. Societies have suffered most from the ignorant. Today, due to the rising expectations of life, the young and dynamic generation enrolled themselves in a competitive race. They want to meet with the demands of an ideal and materialistic life in fear of deprivation and misery. This fear makes individuals indulge in a brutal competitive race with fellows. It is the very nature of humans to expand in the pleasures, joys, and delights, but the spirit elates is only elated through loss. Recovering the loss with patience and courage teaches the lesson of kindness for others. Difficulties and losses in life make humans act humbly and encourage the tendency to understand others. The more humble we are, the kinder we tend to be.
The world is in need of revival through acceptance of diversity with kindness. There is a need for eliminating the differences of status, religion, creed, color or physical disability, etc. Life is difficult. We all suffer differently, but life is easier if we become each other’s strength. When we embrace the fact that we all share a common destiny, born in the same birthplace, possess the same race, we shall start respecting the freedom and status of others. If our emotions are pure, our souls are enthusiastic, our hearts are joyous, and our time is abundant we can create a society full of kindness. Almost everyone on earth knows what kindness is, but not everyone learns its importance. Let me share my experience of how small acts of kindness inspired me and changed my perspective. Recently, I volunteered in a well-known orphanage house in Islamabad. I had a profound experience of conversing with the orphan children, playing and seeing a glow of smile on their innocent faces while receiving gifts. It was a light bulb moment for me. However, it was also a sigh for those yearning for the blessings I hardly valued. I could not help a lot, but feel the vehement cry asking for love and care from the world. I could see their eyes searching for their parents in an image of visitors holding gifts for them. Their feeling of being concerned gave me an inspiration that kindness breeds kindness. We are all created for each other to understand the
wisdom of loving and caring the creation of God. We must not be ignorant of others’ sufferings because what we are giving them is what we are bringing in the society.’ There is a need for a struggle for the minds of humans against greed (for power, property, etc.) to acknowledge and respond to the feelings of the unprivileged, heartbreak people through compassion.
We are living in an era of globalization, an inter-connected world. We are responsible for accepting the diversity with kindness and honor the differences (of opinions, status, religion, etc.) for the peaceful global community. We, humans, are distinguished creatures. We can differentiate between right and wrong. We have a heart whose basic purpose is to love others. The price of a great human is that he is kind to others and aware of good and bad. We need to question ourselves, what example of ours are we going to set for our next generation? The kinder we are, the more the next generation will be kind.



Written by

Mehak Iqbal Cheema



Edited by

Amna Sheikh

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