Biden Announces Executive Actions on Climate Change

The US President, Joe Biden, held a press conference on Wednesday where he announced executive actions to address climate change, post facing a set back in his legislative agenda in Congress. 

Last week, Senator Joe Manchin rejected the Democrats’ plan for combating climate change, and raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans through a pending domestic policy package.

Biden needs all 50 Democratic senators to back him if he wants to use the legislative manoeuvre which will prevent the Republicans from blocking the package.

Biden said in his press conference: “This is an emergency”.

Biden’s plan included USD 2.3 billion for a program which will help communities deal with heat waves, wildfires and floods, among other extreme weather events.  Biden also aims to broaden the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program to give states more options on how to spend the federal funds to help the low income population during the summers.

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