Facebook’s Decline in India: a lot of nudity, not many women

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Home to 1.2 billion people, Meta is seeing a drastic drop in daily users in India. A recent survey found that higher mobile data costs is one of the reasons of declining growth in India, Meta’s biggest market.

The study also attributed other factors to the drop rate. It found that many Indian women have steered clear of using Facebook due to worries about their safety and privacy. Concerns about the safety of their content, and continuous unwanted contact are keeping women from Facebook.

Other perceived obstacles include rising nudity content, the complexity of the UX of the app, language barrier and lack of appeal among people who are looking for video content.

Facebook growth in India is falling behind its sister apps: WhatsApp and Instagram, with fewer and fewer people logging in and using it on a regular basis. The study also found that 75 percent of active users in India comprise men, whereas they only account for 62 percent of daily internet users.

The gender balance in internet use across India, pronounces Facebook users who are under societal pressure, and have safety concerns when it comes to the social media platform. Women in many cases are barred by their families from using Facebook owing the domination of men on the social media app.

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