Shoaib Akhtar to release a biopic Rawalpindi Express 

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Former cricket star, Shoaib Akhtar has decided to tell his story through a biopic and name it Rawalpindi Express. The name of the biopic is inspired from his own nickname for being one of the world’s fastest bowlers.

He shared a short clip of the bio-pic and captioned it: “If you think you know a lot already, you’re mistaken. You’re in for a ride you’ve never taken before. An international project by Q Film Productions [and the] first foreign film about a Pakistani sportsman.”

The teaser included a misty frame and train tracks, with Shoaib Akhtar’s character. Directed by Muhammad Faraz Qaidar, the movie is first of its kind in Pakistan: a story about a Pakistani sportsman.


by Amna S.

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