4 Best Habits to Adopt for a Healthier Lifestyle

Currently, the trend is all about going to the gym, staying fit, and posing for the cameras. But that’s the thing. Staying healthy and fit is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle makes an individual happy, and mentally stable. But human nature is all about worrying, anxieties and stress. Worries about the future, anxiety about expenses, and stress about the political crisis.

4 Habits To Adopt For a Healthier Lifestyle

Get Physical

Your body can only thrive if it keeps moving. Movement makes your muscles and bones strong. Regularly exercising is beneficial for your mind, and your body. Regularly exercising also lets you indulge in your guilty pleasures, like a skillet brownie from Street 1 Café, or a big tub of Baskin and Robins.

Doctors usually suggest 30 minutes of exercise everyday. You can just walk for 30 minutes, or add stretching to your everyday routine for a healthier lifestyle.


Never Skip on Breakfast

I have tons of friends who do not have their breakfast. Their excuse, ‘we find it hard to eat in the morning”. This is an alien concept to me. I cannot open my eyes without a cup of hot tea, and a slice of bread in the morning. If bread is not available, I would indulge in rusks, or Alpen’s cereal. You don’t have to eat something heavy. A cup of milk with a piece of bread is great. But do not skip on the most important meal of the day.



Drink a lot of Water

We are 75 percent water, and 15 percent matter. Obviously, hydration is essential for our very existence. Dehydration can lead to migraines, and make you lethargic. Drinking water is better than drinking other beverages. Keep a small, reusable bottle of water with yourself, and consume water at regular intervals for a wholesome, energetic day.



Good Hygiene is Essential

We all know that cleanliness is half of faith. Small habits such as brushing your teeth, taking regular baths can improve your health. Especially during monsoon season, when humidity is high, and the body gets sticky, try taking a shower if not twice, at least once a day. It will drastically improve your life.



Lastly, put an effort into your life. Assess your eating, social and work habits. You are responsible for your own good health. Take time out from your busy schedules for some physical activity. Eat your breakfast, and keep yourself clean. Eventually, your life will transform, and you will begin to feel healthy inside out. 



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