Becoming by Michelle Obama: A Review

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Michelle Obama was the first woman of color in the US history to ever hold the office of first lady. She and President Obama turned heads, and showcased a liberal side of American politics, and the world realized America truly is a melting pot, where dreams do come true.

The memoir written by Michelle Obama was published in 2018. It gives us a glimpse into the life of the ex-first lady. It is refined, gracefully written with a down-to-earth tone. The book is great for anyone looking for inspiration in their life. Everyone knows that she and Obama get married, have two daughters together, and become the First Lady and President respectively. But hardly anyone knows the hard work, and determination it took to get there.

The book is a must read for young girls, especially those who face discrimination because of the clor of their skin, ethnicity and religion. Michelle, a woman of color, gained the most powerful office in the world by tenacity. The book is not mere pages filled with boastful events, and stories. Michelle humbly covers various aspects of her life, and bares all before the readers. When one reads the book, he does not think of Michelle as this super human being with super human strength. Instead the book displays that a simple woman, with super resolution can accomplish almost anything in her life. She tells the world of her difficulties of work life, and the challenges of a married woman. There is no better book to read, especially for us Pakistanis, who are striving in a patriarchal society, where at every step of the way we are put down because of our skin, our sex, and our ideology.

Becoming will help every reader understand that nothing is impossible in life. You set a goal, and you can reach it, you just need to have the knack for it, and be fearless. Obama mentions in her book that at the back of her heart, she knew that Barack will not win the election because of the color of their skin, yet she did not discourage him. She went against all odds, and to her surprise, and the surprise of the entire US, history was made, when the Barack family became the first black family to hold the office of president in the United States.




Amna Sheikh

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