FO Slams India Over its Vitriol Against CPEC

India on Tuesday made vitriolic comments against CPEC and threatened to take strict actions against the projects falling under the umbrella of China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation, especially the ones within the vicinity of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan rejected these remarks, and said that CPEC is a transformation project, which will bring stability and development to the region. The FO spokesman said that China’s investment in CPEC has allowed Pakistan to overcome its energy crisis, and infrastructural bottleneck which kept the country from growth and economic development.

India’s insecurity over CPEC is evident in the baseless comments, and fallacious assertions that CPEC is impinging upon its territorial integrity. The spokesman also said that India is trying to mislead the international community about the status of Jammu and Kashmir and that it is actually India which is illegally occupying Pakistan’s territory.







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