4 Toxic Traits to Watch out For.

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Toxic traits, although temporary, are detrimental for an individual’s life, and the people associated with him. They can only change if they want to. However, sometimes, individuals are not aware of their toxic traits, and thanks to the social norms, it is particularly highlighted and appreciated in our men, and promoted through various drama series. Meray Pas Tum Ho went viral when a man physically abused his wife, and was hailed across the country for “being a man”.

However, toxic traits are destructive, and they might negatively impact an individual’s life. Here are a few of the most toxic traits you need to watch out for.

They Are Manipulative

If an individual is manipulative, they will usually twist your words, and make you feel guilty to get their way, without considering the emotional damage it might cause you. The manipulator is seeking to create an imbalance of power, and take advantage to get control and power at the expense of the manipulated (the victim).

They Spread Negativity

A toxic human spreads negativity. They would find everything bad about their victim, and their life to make them feel negative about their very existence. They don’t let their victims enjoy little things in life, or be positive. However, sometimes an individual with depression might feel the same way, so it is better to have a conversation and assess whether they are displaying traits of toxic personality, or suffering from depression.

They are Self-Centered

A toxic person is self-centered. The world revolves around them, and what they want. They do not care about how their actions affect the people around them. They are also rigid, and do not compromise in any situation.

They are Controlling

This is an extremely dangerous trait in a  human being. Such an individual will try to restrict you from getting in touch with their friends and family. They might also restrict access to finances, or transportation to limit their interaction with the world. This is a form of domestic abuse, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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