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Imran Khan, the leader of PTI and former Prime Minister made a speech at a conference with his party members. Apart from reiterating the demand for an early election citing it as the only solution to the current political and economic crisis in the country, the celebratory hustings comprised vitriol against other political leaders

The ex PM also said he wanted to jovial relations with all countries. He also claimed that he will make the country stand on its feet. He also said that he would appeal to the overseas Pakistani for financial assistance. It is no secret that the most effective way of attracting youth towards oneself is through constant castigation of the politicians that have ruled the country for the better part of the century.

It is a fact that Mr. Khan relies more on populist narratives, instead of substance or facts. His remarks about the TPP and ethnic separatists vs. thieves reeks of a rhetoric that is solely populist in nature. He asked the attendees if they would talk to someone who robbed their house.

“I can talk to the TTP, the separatists of Balochistan and Sindh, but not with thieves. Will you speak to someone who robs your home?” he asked in his address.

He supported his argument by saying that if one talks with the plunderers, everyone around will resort to the same delinquent acts, and start looting other houses.

For those, like me, who grew up when terrorism in our country was at its nadir, know exactly what and how they tarnish the mental peace, and stability of this nation. Whenever an individual left the house to run simple errands, like get yoghourt from the local shop, did not know whether he would return home in one piece. The R.A bazar bomb blast, near GHQ resulted in losses of young lives, businesses and tranquility of the area. The after-schock of those suicide attacks can still be felt in the voices of the people living there.

The blood thirsty militant group massacred thousands of Pakistanis, and displaced countless others. Placing them above our politicians, regardless of their corruption and crimes, is an overstatement. Such statements reduces the gravity of terrorism which malaise the entire world. Many countries who have done away with capital punishment do not compromise on terrorist crimes.

Furthermore, it is worth noticing that Imran Khan spent four years in office, and despite his loud slogans, and statements where he claimed he will not let them escape (main unko choron ga nahi) he hardly did anything praiseworthy. He failed to prosecute even a single political person he continuously calls as thieves. This presents a sad picture, for the victims of terrorism, and comes off as insenstive to the people 


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