Review: In episode 6 ‘Kaali Tijarat’, Team Muhafiz takes on menace of human trafficking

If you thought it was time to celebrate with Rawka behind bars, well think again.

Team Muhafiz returned to our screens on Saturday with another action-packed episode titled Kaali Tijaarat focusing on a human smuggling ring.

Picking up from last week where we saw Rawka now in custody of Farman, the mentor of Team Muhafiz questioning the notorious criminal who was finally apprehended while trying to blow up the Jinnah Hockey Stadium during a hockey match.

As Farman tries to get Rawka to spill the beans, Zane who was captured wakes up in a warehouse where he finds himself in a room full of people, who are about to be smuggled abroad. Though he breaks out, Zane promises to come back and rescue the people there.

As he rejoins the team, the youngsters come together to hatch a plan to break the human trafficking ring. Meanwhile, members of the human trafficking ring end up in a frenzy when they discover Zane is nowhere to be found. As they search the lengths of the room, they hear the ever-familiar Raza’s flute before Team Muhafiz routes the enemies.

As they congratulate each other on completing another successful mission, Farman completes his interrogation of Rawka and hands him over to the police. But as the news of Rawka’s detainment flashes across news channels in the country, a mysterious man calls Rawka’s henchman, Addu.

Who is Seth Riz who calls Addu and assures him that the game is not over for them? Tune in next week to find out what new evil Team Muhafiz has to face!

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