What is Company Culture, and Why Should You Care?  


The culture of the company is elemental to its success. The right culture can help you to attract and retain the right talent, and skilled individuals. It can boost employee engagement and provide your company with a competitive edge.

Therefore it is important for you to understand what constitutes organizational culture, and how you can use it to help your company flourish.

What is Company Culture?

Before we elaborate on why company culture is important, let’s understand what it really means?

Company culture is the set of attitudes and behavior of a company and its workers. It is manifested in the way the employees interact with one another, and the decisions they make. It covers a wide array of elements, such as the company goals, the leadership style, the ethics they hold, and most importantly the work environment.

Importance of Company Culture

A sound organizational culture helps to bring together the people at a company and keep them organized, and aligned. When the culture of the organization is lucid, it will break boundaries that otherwise might be hard to break. A healthy company culture helps to break glass ceilings.

Another reason why organizational culture is important is brand advocacy. A healthy organizational culture can turn the employees into strong advocates. When you show your employees you care about them, they will reciprocate by spreading good words about your company, and promoting a positive image.

A positive organizational company improves performance. A healthy culture addresses performance and employee’s  wellbeing. Employee wellbeing strategies have the capacity of bringing benefits to the employer, and the employees. But make sure to introduce them in a holistic way. Supportive management behaviors, and flexible work hours are one of the things that promotes improved performance, and employee well being.

For the employer, maintaining a healthy company culture is just as important. If the employee is not happy at their workplace, they are less likely to put effort into the tasks, and activities given to them. Therefore, the company should pay especial importance to maintaining excellent culture to get maximum productivity and generate profits.





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