5 Steps you Can take to Add Personality to your House

We all love beautiful things. Our mind feels at peace when we are surrounded by nice things. This is why interior design of your house is essential. If it is not cosy, or comfortable, we won’t feel at home in our own house. Choosing the best designs which fit your space can be tricky. Not every bedroom has the space for a master bed, and not every bedroom looks good with one.

Here is a list of 5 steps you can take to add personality to your house:

  1.     Choose Your Accessories Sagaciously

Adding accessories to your house is the easiest way of adding personality to your house. It is like how we wear jewellery to adorn ourselves, and enhance our beauty. But going overboard with jewellery does not look good. Instead it comes off as cheap. So choose what is in trend, and what suits your house instead of bombarding it with unnecessary items.

  1.     Choose your Colours Wisely

The psychology behind colours is a fact. It affects our moods and our behaviour. Therefore be really careful with the shades you use. One wrong stroke of colour can alter the entire vibe of your room.

  1.     Don’t be Afraid of Drama

As humans we all love drama. It could be in the form of dramas like Nehar or in the form of politics. Use the same love for drama and apply it to your home décor. You can opt for contrasting wall paper, or furniture.

  1.     Mix it Up, Like your Feelings

Don’t be afraid of mixing texture and colours. Antique with modern art looks great. Similarly wood against metallic can give off modern vibes without taking a toll on your pocket.

You can also geometric designs against a neutral background.

  1. Add Something of Yours

Lastly, the best way of adding personality to your house, is adding something personal. It could be a painting you made, a poster you designed, or a picture of a loved one. 




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