How to Protect Yourself From Black Magic!

Black magic is a set of acts conducted by the devil and its disciples. It is prohibited in all Abrahamic religions because of the impact it has on its victim. Greek mythology is abounding in fables about black magic, horoscopes and witchcraft. In Islam a person who practices black magic has left the folds of the religion. If one recalls Surah Yusuf, Allah mentions how Pharaoh used to call magicians to his court and asked them to do various acts of witchcraft, including spells against Musa.
So what is black magic, really? Black magic is the use of negative energies for certain goals against people around them. It usually rises out of hatred, envy and greed in a person. People use voodoo dolls, amulets (taweez), and evil spirits to harm people.
Signs of Black Magic
A person affected by black magic might experience the following symptoms:
1. Sheer dislike for one’s spouse. In Surah Baqarah Allah mentions: And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife” (2:102)
2. A person struck by black magic will have a weird attitude. He will behave differently when he is outside and when he is in his house. For instance, the individual will miss his family when he is away from them, but when he goes home, that feeling changes to abhorrence and hatred.
3. Loss of appetite for food.
4. Sudden obedience or love for a certain person.
5. Drastic mood swings.

How to Cure Oneself from Black Magic?
To protect and cure oneself from the effects of black magic, you need to perform Ruqyah on yourself. Ruqyah is the practice of treating illness through Quranic verses and duas prescribed by our Prophet Muhammad SAWW.
And We send down in the Qur’ān that which is a cure and a mercy for the believers.” (17:81-2)
Aishah said: “When the Messenger of Allah (SAWW) was ill, Jibrīl performed Ruqyah on him.” (Muslim)
‘Aishah RA narrated that whenever the Messenger of Allah SAWW would become sick, he would recite [the last 3 Sūrahs of the Qurān] and then blow over his body. She says: “During his last illness from which he passed away, the Messenger of Allah SAWW used to blow over himself. But when his sickness intensified, I used to (recite and then) blow over him using his own hands because of their blessings.” (Bukhārī)

How to Perform Ruqyah?
1.Make sincere istaghfar continuously throughout the day.
2.Perform voluntary prayers.
3.Give sadaqah
4.Most importantly know that Allah can help you no matter what. Allah is the cure for everything.
5.Recite the last two ayats of Surah Baqarah three times daily.
6.Recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas three times each everyday.
7.Recite Ayat ul Kursi three times each day.
8.After you have recited these, blow on yourself. You can also blow it on drinking water and consume the water throughout the day.




by Amna Sheikh


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