Healthier Options for Dealing with your Sweet Cravings

Man, I love desserts. There is nothing I like more than indulging in a box of Lindt truffles, Tuscany Courtyard’s bread pudding, and Gulab Jamun by Jameel’s. Sweets remind us of being young at heart, and life.

So here is a list of healthy deserts you can opt for instead of going to town on unhealthy sweets.

Milk and Cookies

Milk is your best friend, cookies are the best friend of your best friend. It is a classic snack, enough to treat your sweet tooth cravings.


healthy desserts
Milk and Cookies


Opt for Gelato

Lieta Gelato is a fantastic option for healthy sweet. They have a wide variety of flavors, and use ingredients such britallia, butterscotch, and vanilla. As someone who is crazy about frozen desserts, Lieta Gelato is just the thing for me. Although they only recently opened up in Islamabad, they are my favourite Gelato place. The price is a bit high for some, but worth every penny.

Lieta Gelato
Lieta Gelato Fudge Cookie




Bake Whole-Wheat Flour Brownies

Another great way of satisfying your cravings is whole flour brownies. They are delicious, soft, and to die for. You can add dark chocolate to the batter for an extra kick, if you like.




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