Muslims Arrested in India for Waging Flood Jihad

Muslims Accused of Flood Jihad

Devastating floods have wreaked havoc on various parts of India. The catastrophic floods in Assam have been particularly costly and distressing for Muslims living there. It has been reported that the people affected by the flood are blaming the Muslim population of Assam for waging “flood jihad”. One Muslim man, Nazir Hussain, was lambasted by his neighbors, and had the police call on him. When the police arrived at Nazir’s house they did not protect him, instead sided with the accusers. Hussain has worked as a construction worker in Assam and helped the state in building flood protections and embankments. He was arrested for “damaging public property”.

“Why would I damage public property?” Nazir Hussain asked.

The two waves of flooding that hit Assam have killed approximately 200 people. Monsoon rainfall leads to annual flooding in Assam, but this year rains came early and were heavier.

However, instead of looking at facts, people were quick to blame Muslims for breaching the embankment and causing devastating floods in Silchar City.

Mr. Nazir Hussain spent several nights in the prison, and was afraid that other inmates might attack him. “I was afraid and could not sleep that night. The other inmates were talking about it. I thought I might get attacked.”

Incidents like these showcase the path Indians have resorted to. Constantly looking for reasons to make life for the Muslims living in India difficult. Ever since the BJP government came in power, and Narendra Modi was elected as the PM of India, Hindu extremism has been on a constant rise. Incidents of violence against Muslims have made international news, but the Indian government has constantly denied of such activities.




by Amna Sheikh



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