5 Skin Care Tips for the Clean Girl Look!

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Flawless skin, with the clean girl look is the 2022 goal for every girl out there. But like every other market, the cosmetics, and skin care industry has also become overly saturated. Everyday new products hit the shelves, and leave us wondering whether it will suit our skin, despite the company claiming it would.

I have already written about the basics: drink a lot of water, go to bed on time, and wash your face. But here are a few other skin care steps you can take to ensure glowing, healthy skin.

  • Use the Correct Cleanser for your Skin Type

One should not be ashamed of their skin conditions, because no one is perfect, but no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we do get a boost of self-confidence with clear skin.

If you have oily skin like mine, highly prone to acne, looking good could be a struggle. Go for a cleanser with salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. If you have dry skin, go for a milky cleanser which will moisturise your skin as well. The best would be something with AHA.



Cleanser for oily skin
skin care for dry skin

dry skin cleanser
Skin care for oily skin



  • Less is More

Despite the wide variety of products available in the market, remember, less is more for your skin. Do not trigger it by using unnecessary products.

Layering on skin care products can clog pores and lead to unwanted breakouts.

  • Stop Touching your Face

Kylie Jenner once said in an interview that the best skin care advice her older sister, Kim gave her was to never touch her face. Your face should be clean. Your fingers are constantly brushing up against various surfaces, such as door handles, steering wheel of the car, and pens etc. They are always dirty, and are filled with bacteria. When you touch your face with these fingers you give bacteria room to spread, cause breakout and lead to scarring.  

  • Avoid the sun at all costs

This is an old-school piece of advice. Living in South Asia, tanned skin is a big no no for girls. Mothers have always advised against sun exposure, and kept their daughters from playing outdoors.

But apart from tanned skin, sun and other heat sources like the stove, can wreak havoc on your skin. It can lead to collagen breakdown. Slather on sun-block with SPF 50 whenever you go out. I know that white film on the skin does seem irritating, but it’s worth it.

Sunblock by Neutrogena


  • Always Hydrate

Drinking water is one of the parts of hydration. Lack of water dulls down your skin, and makes it sag. Choose products with hydrating formula for your skin, to make sure your skin is hydrated, even if your water intake is not up to the mark.

Skin Boost by Neutrogena
Moisturizer by Neutrogena


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