How well does Content and Marketing help the sales team?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Digital marketing is all about maximizing the sales team’s capabilities. It is about helping them so that they can maximise the company’s success. The term commonly associated with this process is known as Sales Enablement.

The What, Why, Who, and How of Sales Enablement

Let’s start by understanding what it really is?

The underlying idea behind sales enablement is providing sales people with the required skills and tools to help them engage the buyers throughout the purchasing process. It increases sales efficacy.

It includes training and development. Your sales team must be aware of how to use these tools and what kind of skill set to implement in peculiar circumstances. Therefore, training and development needs to have a strong position in your programs. Conduct traditional program training as well as apprising them of new tech and gadgets.

Why is Sales Enablement Essential?

Sales Enablement (SE) helps to scale the organisation. It allows the company to reach beyond a few go-getters. SE supplies salespeople with the most effective practices, knowledge and resources to be successful at selling.

How is SE Implemented?

Sales Enablement is practised in five ways.

Start by DEFINING the OBJECTIVES. Salesperson should know what they should focus on, information they should provide to the consumers, and what is the best sharing practices in sales organisation?

Thereby, focus on the buyer’s experience. SE is about empowering your sales persons. It does not mean you should ignore the customers. Make sure that the sales person understands the buyer.

You also need to develop high quality content. This includes blogs, social media posts, webinars, and emails among other things.

High Quality content can deliver value to customers in a scalable, yet controllable way. In some cases, high quality content lends assistance for mapping the buying process.

Training is also essential. It should not be a one time thing. You should continuously invest in training your salespeople at least once a month.

Who maintains the SE?

Sales and marketing jointly maintain and on sales enablement. They structure their SE program by collaborating on resources. Marketing deals with creating information, and training the staff. Sales on the other hand has a pivotal role in applying the information as a part of the SE program. Sales team is also responsible for ensuring that the program is being practised.


The Focal Point

Now that we have established what SE is, here is what we need to understand.

Studies have found that businesses need to focus on

  •         Finer communication
  •         Advanced analytics
  •         And greater use of marketing techniques

You might be wondering why you need to put in so much effort in your e-commerce.

The reason is simple. Many times customers are not sure what they are looking for. They come across a product and are left in a quandary whether to purchase the product or not. Confusion often leads to delay in purchases. Sometimes, customers add a product in their cart, but leave it hanging there.

Well-equipped sales people can instantly respond and get in touch with the customers. They can apprise them of any discount offers, or new product line.

Marketing content can be incorporated into the training programs that can provide value to the salespersons and the consumers. Sales assistants need to know the complex details of the products being sold. Training facilitates them by giving them the required knowledge. Essence of content marketing is about creating relevant material.  .

Suppose you go to purchase a piece of furniture. The shopkeeper hands you a nicely printed booklet, or brochure that will allow you to look for exactly the type of sofa you want. These brochures or booklets are the content (marketing materials) which are only passed through by the salesperson.

You can develop a list of content that the sales team can share with the customers through email and blogging. Do not make it a one way street. Discuss with your sales team and find out the content they find appropriate in sharing with the customers. Since they will be the ones dealing with the customers, it will be beneficial to get an insight on what they think.

What Role Does Marketing Play?

Content team has a huge burden on its shoulders. Coming up with creative, extra ordinary material can be hard at times. Meanwhile, the marketing team has a sales oriented approach. After all, the essence of marketing is to support sales.

They keep their eyes on brand, product, the services offered, and formulate various marketing campaigns. Obviously, marketing tactics require smooth flow from a toned and sturdy marketing strategy. This is the key difference between marketing and sales. Marketing is strategic and works on achieving long term goals.

Marketing team with a creative bend will include marketing strategist, content writer, adept in SEO, email marketing, PPC manager etc. These elements come together to form an appropriate marketing scheme that would brief customers on the latest updates, trends and fads related to the company and products involved.

Marketing is the attention grabbing technique of any business. It aids to sell products or services. Without marketing many businesses will not exist. Despite being the pioneer in social media, Facebook continues to market itself time and again through various media.

Marketing team can also write and publish various blogs related to the product and the services provided by the brand. The articles can be built around keywords that the prospects are going to search for. It will allow the content to become easily discoverable.

The topics can vary largely, depending on the marketing goals. Sky is the limit.



The goal of any business is to increase sales, and provoke profits. The Content and Marketing team can help sales people who can in turn play an essential role in the business’ growth. Creativity and sound strategy is what matters. High quality content can educate the sales people on various aspects of the product, and how to handle customers and their apprehensions.



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