14th August is Around the Corner, Let’s Celebrate with Dignity

Celebrating independence day pakistan


We as a nation love to celebrate little things. But 75 is a big deal. It is a reminder of the pain our ancestors went through. It is a symbol of survival, and continuous growth. It is proof that no struggle goes unrewarded. So why should we not celebrate?

Celebrations are important. But we like to go overboard with our celebrations. Every year, on 14th August people come out on roads to celebrate, while leaving their manners and etiquette resting at home. Result? Absolute chaos! Last year dozens of videos went viral where girls were harassed by unruly boys, and roads were blocked causing mayhem in the cities, and big problems for people stuck in traffic.

Another big nuisance for noise pollution is the blow horn. It has become the bane of existence for every Pakistani. Sold by street hawkers, they are cheap and easy to get their hands on, making it a great toy for children from financially low class. These toys have become the ultimate weapon of torture. Children in streets, mohallahs, and parks blow the horn continuously for hours, without caring for the people around them.

This year, on the 75th anniversary of Pakistan, we need to focus on celebrating things that matter. Pakistan won eight medals at the 2022 Common-Wealth Games. But we should not focus our entire energy on celebrations, alone. We need to understand the need to understand that we have lagged politically, economically, and socially. Our economic stagnation, and social downfall is a result of our own shortcomings.  Pakistan survived 75 years of wars, pandemic, autocratic rules, and economic downfall.

Pakistani men, particularly, need to understand the country was made for everyone, even the women. Harassing women is not an achievement, it is an act of absolute distress and shame for the delinquent.  Let’s make a promise to our motherland that we will leave no stone unturned to help its development and growth. Without Pakistan we are nothing. And take a vow to respect everyone around us, regardless of their sex and gender. We are who we are because of our country. Pakistan does not need us, we need Pakistan for our identity, our growth, and for exercising our religious freedom. 



by Amna Sheikh


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