5 Important  Tips for a Brand Awareness Campaign

brand awareness


Brand awareness is somewhat of a vague concept, because it is not a metric and therefore cannot be determined perfectly. However, it does not mean that it has no value. Brand awareness is crucial for a business and its growth. It fosters trust, where consumers develop a special bond of loyalty with your brand.

Why is it important?

It Fosters Trust

In today’s time and age, customers have become woke. They are increasingly relying on extensive research and the opinion of others before purchasing anything. Brand awareness is a great way of establishing trust with people. It gives the brand a personality and outlet to be sincere.

It Creates Association

Our mind works by creating associations. For instance, when you go to the movies, do you order a “soda” or “coke”? When you have to copy a document, do you copy it, or Xerox it? When you have to make a call, do you use your cell phone, or iPhone?

Chances are you chose the latter options: Coke, Xerox and iPhone. This is the outcome of brand awareness. It associates actions and products with a certain brand. Hence, subconsciously people begin to use those words instead of the actual ones. Eventually, simple tasks like making a phone call are doing the marketing for our brand.

How Can You Create an Exceptional Brand Awareness Campaign?

Brand awareness isn’t a Christmas miracle. It won’t happen overnight by pushing out a simple ad or marketing campaign. You have to think vigorously. Strong brand awareness is only possible when your efforts extend beyond trying to accrue paying clients.

Let’s review a few of the strategies you can employ to increase your brand awareness.

Be Human and Social

People should know they are dealing with a business run by a human being. When you try to develop a relationship with an individual you learn about their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, etc. You should communicate these traits your audience to promote your brand.

You need to be social with your audience. Social media can be the best tool for getting intimate with people. You can stay connected with them 24/7. Post on social media about things relevant to your products. Ask the audience questions. Respond to their comments.

Set Achievable Goals for Brand Awareness Campaign

Like I said, brand awareness campaign is not a magic wand, which will help you gain massive results in a jiffy. One of the mistakes people make is setting unattainable goals. This has a negative impact. Instead of working harder towards improving brand awareness, brands get discouraged and stop focusing on this elemental factor altogether.

It is better to create some short-term and long-term goals. You have to determine:

  •         What you need to achieve from your campaign
  •         How will the campaign influence your long term plans for the company
  •         How will you track your progress?
  •         And the strategies you will need to use to achieve the goals.

 Do not Forget Customer Experience

Experience matters, at least 80 percent of the customers. Bad experience means you have lost not one but a few customers (their peers and close friends). You need to leave a positive and everlasting impression on the purchasers.

Amazon has become the e-commerce giant because of its customer services. One day delivery, easy return procedure, and quality products have made people trust Amazon over various other services. Despite the growing outburst against Jeff Bozos, Amazon is still ruling the e-commerce platforms.

The essence is not talking up your company. It is about showing and executing how you can help your customers. That their needs matter. Go through reviews to not down how the customers feel about your brand, and assess whether there is room for improvement.

Prioritizing customer experience can boost your brand awareness at a much faster pace.

Sharing is Caring

If a customer likes your products, or a post on your social media handle, they would want to share it with their social circle. Brand sharing will only work if people can share your content. Whether it is the social media handles, or the content on your website, make sure there are options to share on various handles. It does not matter what kind of content it is, it must be shareable. Word-of-mouth marketing is effective and a sure way of establishing trust with your prospective customers.

Offer Freemium

Freemium is a relatively new business model that offers a basic product or service for free But for premium content, the user has to pay a premium. The business model has become increasingly famous ever since smart phones came into play. Many applications offer free downloads, and let people use basic feature for free.

Freemium gives a taste of your brand to the customers. If they find the service or product useful, chances are they will be willing to pay extra for premium access.


Take time with your brand awareness campaigns and establish a strategy that will pull the spot light on you. You can offer freemium, and show that user experience is essential for you. Putting the customer first can really kick your brand awareness strategy up a few notches.



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