No AC? No Worries. 7 Fun Ways to Beat the Scorching Heat in August  


August came with a new school year and scathing heat. No signs of rain makes it even worse for us who have to work without AC, with the constant mental torture of power outages. Here are a few tricks you can implement to beat this summer heat.


1.Have a Water Fight

It is the best way of having fun while keeping cool. Get some water guns, or plastic mugs, and fire away. The heat will make everyone and everything dry quicker so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up later.

2.Limit Light

The sun is the main source of heat. It is also very dangerous for your skin barrier, and can lead to various skin ailments. Try to keep indoors. Keep the curtains closed, but windows open. It is important that you get ventilation to ensure you don’t trap heat in your house. If you have to commute for work, keep yourself covered. Wear cotton gloves, and a face mask while riding a bike, or driving a car.

3.Eat Light (Pun Intended)

Eat your greens, keep it light and healthy. Vegetables and fruit are easy to digest and do not make you sluggish. Avoid oily, and fatty foods as much as you can. Fruit and raw vegetables are full of water, perfect to keep you hydrated and cool in this blistering August.

4.Use Cucumber

Make cucumbers your best friend in summers. They are healthy, hydrating and delicious. Use them to fill your cravings. Sprinkle a bit of brown sugar, or spices to enhance its flavor. Use it as eye patches and face packs to fight the tan and discolouration caused by the sun.

5.Keep the Hair Tied

We all love to flaunt our long locks. But during summer, it is best to keep your hair knotted in a bun, and away from your face. Pin your bangs to the side. It is a great way to prevent acne and outbreaks.

6.Drink Water Regularly

Fill up a bottle with water and keep it with you at all times. Take a few sips with regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated and the body temperature in control. Do not drink the entire bottle in one go. It is not healthy.

7.Turn your Pedestal Fan into an AC

The skyrocketing electricity price has us thinking twice before turning on the AC. Many of us cannot decide between paying the electricity bill, or keeping us cool. Well, here is an idea. Instead of blasting on the AC, place a bowl of ice in front of your pedestal fan. As the ice will melt, the air from the fan will blow that cold air into the room, and make your entire room feel cold as ice.



by Amna Sheikh




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