Afghanistan: A Sad State of Affairs

Afghanistan taliban


Afghanistan has a history of wars, conflict and struggle for women’s rights. The American war on terror gave its people a ray of hope, which lasted only two decades before the Taliban returned to power in the country.

Initially, the Taliban regime assured the masses they will try to bring positive changes in the society, and will not follow in the footsteps of their predecessors who implemented ruthless laws for people in the 1990s. These empty promises were soon forgotten and in only a year the Taliban regime has curtailed fundamental human rights, and reverted to its old ways. The Taliban’s inability to look beyond their hatred for women, and other human rights has been the major bone of contention for the international community, and keeps them from recognizing its government.

It has been a year since the Taliban came back to power. Down the road they have faced international isolation, and severe food shortages and economic downfall. The Taliban’s obstinate interpretation of the Shariah has been the worst for Afghan women, who no longer have access to education, nor allowed to work in the public. Beauty salons have shut down, and women have been barred from travelling alone.

They have also imposed restrictions on the media and cracked down on peaceful protests around the country. It is clear the Taliban want it their way, there is no high way for them. These radical policies will only prove to be detrimental for the country and its people.

The Taliban’s only agenda is to make sure their interpretation of Islam prevails in the county. They are unhinged to the fact that the country’s woes can’t be resolved if the international isolation rising form their rigid policies hover over the Afghans. If they do not show flexibility the country will turn to dust. The only ones to suffer in this turmoil are going to be the innocent children, women and men. 



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