Warner Bros. Weighing Fate of ‘The Flash’ as Ezra Miller Problem Grows

Ezra Miller Flash

Warner Bros considers shelving $200m film The Flash after Ezra Miller’s continued erratic behaviour, and multiple arrests. The actor who uses they/them pronouns is starring in the super-hero movie The Flash which is set to release in 2023.

It seems like DC is cursed. The Amber Heard trial has done a significant damage to Warner Bros. image, and Aqua Man 2’s fame. Now, it is Ezra Miller, who played the Flash in Justice League, is in hot waters for his disruptive behavior. The star has put Warner Bros. in a tight spot as the videos of Ezra Miller’s erratic behavior keep going viral.  Multiple resources have reported that the studios is preparing for one of the following scenarios:

First, Warner Bros. has received indications that Miller will seek professional help, after returning to their farm in Vermont. Second, if the actor fails to reach out for help, the movie will still be released, but Miller will not play prominent role in terms of marketing and publicity. Warner Bros. might also limit the film to a theatric release or shelve the USD 200 million altogether. The amount might seem a lot, but recently, the company axed another high budget movie (USD 90 million): Bat Girl, amid negative reviews.

Miller who first played the Flash in 2014, was taking the centerstage in their solo film. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, both were set to reprise their roles as Batman in the Flash. The 29 year old actor has been involved in multiple controversies, from arrests lining up for him one after the other. Miller was charged with a felony burglary on Monday and Wednesday. They were also arrested earlier this year on account of disorderly conduct, second degree assault and harassment.




By Amna Sheikh



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