China’s Taiwan Military Drills Offer Spying Opportunity for the U.S.

China’s military drills surrounding Taiwan has raised concerns in the west. The drills came with a military and political warning about outside interference over the island. They opened a window to gather intelligence for the US and its allies.

On strategic front the military exercises have shown China’s ability of blockading the island as a prelude or alternative to any invasion. It has showcased the firing of ballistic missiles over Taiwan for the first time as well as simulated air and sea attacks on any ship in the east coast. The US military should know that China is unlikely to display its best tactics and strategies during the drills since China already knows it is being closely watched.

The systems used by China are known to the US and its allies. This makes it unclear to determine and obtain more data on China’s capabilities. The US has four warships in the east of Taiwan. . And while those ships wield a powerful strike threat, they also operate a vast surveillance capability above, across and under vast swathes of ocean. U.S., Japanese and Taiwanese submarines and advanced surveillance aircraft are likely to be involved in the intelligence operation as well, analysts and retired intelligence officers say.

So far, the Pentagon has not changed its assessment that China would be not be militarily capable of staging a successful invasion of Taiwan for five years. And the Pentagon’s number three official said on Monday that despite Chinese exercises, the United States had not changed its view that China was unlikely to try and militarily seize Taiwan in the next two years




by Amna Sheikh


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