5 Skin Care Tips for Humid Weather

Humid weather pakistan skin care


Summer is fun and all, but comes with increased humidity. It can be a challenge to beat the heat, keep skin glowing, and beat the UV rays. Not to forget the face masks for Covid-19.

Here are a few tips that can keep you looking radiant throughout the summer.

Stay Hydrated from Inside and Outside

During humid season your skin becomes more exposed to damage. The air conditioning zaps moisture from your skin. It also makes your skin sticky. The best way to keep your skin healthy is by staying hydrated. Use a hydrating serum that does not make your skin sticky or oily. But before that, drink plenty of water. Your water intake could be in the form of fluids, fresh juices and simple water as well.

Lighten your Skin with Serums

Summer makes one feel heavy. The blistering heat, coupled with humidity can make moisturizers feel heavy on your skin. Keep things light with lightweight serum that have high performance active ingredients to fortify, nourish and hydrate your skin, while leaving a barely there feel.

Beauty Sleep is Important

Night creams that are rich in vitamins are great for your skin. The cool overnight hours give time to your skin for restoration.

Use Retinol and AHAs

Excessive heat means excessive sweating and a dull complexion. Maintain a perfectly bright and matter complexion through retinols and AHAs. Retinols are great for collagen stimulation hence creating firmer skin an shrunken pores.  AHAs help to reduce oil build up.

Don’t forget your Masks

Apart from protection from the pandemic,masks have become a necessity. But they can lead to outbreaks and skin irritation. To ensure a healthy skin underneath the mask, keep skin hydrated to reduce friction and chafing.

  • Avoid wearing makeup under the mask to avoid clogged pores and irritation.
  • Do not use disposable masks more than once.
  • Cleanse your skin remove dirt build up and bacteria




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