China Taiwan Skirmishes Continue

Taiwan has accused China of exaggeration after the Chinese military published footage of the strategically located Penghu islands, where there is a major Taiwanese air base, stating it was not true Chinese forces had come near the islands.

China constantly claims Taiwan as its territory. Things got heated when China carried out military exercises around the island this month after Nancy Pelosi, U.S House of Representatives Speaker visited Taiwan. China immediately barred Pelosi and her instant family from entering China.

The Chinese military unit responsible for the area adjacent to Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command, released a video of the Penghu islands on Monday, apparently taken by a Chinese air force aircraft.

“China used the exaggerated tricks of cognitive warfare to show how close it was to Penghu – which is not true” responded Taiwan Air Force Vice Chief of Staff for Operations Tung Pei-lun.





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