IHC reserves verdict on Gill’s plea against physical remand

ISLAMABAD (INN) – The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday reserved verdict on the petition filed against the physical remand of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill in sedition case.

The acting chief justice Aamer Farooq heard the petition against the 48-hour physical remand of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill.

The court while directing Gill’s lawyer Salman Safdar to give arguments remarked that whether the case is 302 or terrorism, the court has to ensure the protection of rights.

Shahbaz Gill’s counsel argued that torture has become a routine exercise in Pakistan and Gill was brutally tortured in police custody.
Marks of physical torture cannot last more than 5 or 6 days, he said.

The court further inquired about the FIR and medical report, on which the report of IG Islamabad regarding the allegations of torture on Shahbaz Gill was submitted, while the investigating officer of the case appeared before the court.

The PTI leader’s lawyer added that the magistrate remarked in the order that if Shahbaz Gill was well then why did they bring him in the ambulance? The lawyer argued that now his injuries have healed so they are leaking the video.

Talking about the PTI leader’s mobile phone his counsel added that Gill’s mobile phone was said to be with the driver then why is his physical remand required for it’s recovery? He also suggested that the police has already recovered the phone.

Afterwards, the Special Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi told the court that the lawyer of the accused cannot be shown the police diaries and as per law it can only be seen by the court.

The reason for not showing them the diaries is that they may destroy the evidence if they find out first, added Rizwan Abbasi.

The special prosecutor said that 90% of the investigation against Shahbaz Gill is yet to be done and also have to recover the mobile phone.

The Court asked the investigating officer that what they want with Gill’s mobile phone? On which the investigating officer said that Shahbaz

Gill had told them in the investigation that in his talk on TV, he was reviewing from his phone. He further said that the mobile phone is needed to find out that who else is involved in it.

Later, the court reserved decision on Shahbaz Gill’s plea against 48-hour physical remand.

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