How Often Should You Wash Hair?


Washing hair and the number of times one should do it has become one of the most confusing questions in hair care. Everyone is made different and therefore, the number of times one should wash hair largely depends on their need, routine and overall hygiene

What Does Your Hair Washing Depend on?

The number of times you should wash your hair comes down to three basic things:

  1. Scalp oil: For a person with an oily scalp which can get buildup after a day or two of not washing hair then they would need to wash their hair more than the person with a dry scalp.
  2. Activity level: if you go to the gym, or indulge in physical activities causing excessive sweating, then you will need to increase your shampooing.
  3. Hair type and texture: Certain ethnicities require less frequent washing. The thicker the hair, the less the washing.



Is it Unhealthy to Wash Hair Every Day?

It depends on the individual’s hair type and the shampoo they are using. Washing hair everyday can cause dryness and breakage, and in some cases hair loss. On the other hand, those with super oily hair “can benefit from washing every day because of the amount of oil it produces.

Is it Okay to Wash your Hair Once a Week?

Regular washing is central for maintaining healthy hair and scalp health. The specific number of times varies based on hair type and texture.

Also, do not overdo with the dry shampoo, since using it too often is associated with hair loss.

Is it Better to Not Wash your Hair?

Washing your hair is essential for hair growth. It helps to relieve your hair of product buildup that can lead to dermatitis. Not cleansing one’s scalp can result in issues with dryness, tangled hair and massive hair loss.

How Many Times Should you Wash your Hair Each Week?

If your hair is not oily or dry, washing it every two to three days is great. But if you wait too long in between shampoos you can end up with a scalp that is clogged, meaning hair won’t be able to grow out of the follicle the way and the rate it is supposed to.


How do seasons affect the shampooing schedule?

Your hair regimen should change with the seasons. Colder weather makes hair drier and produces dandruff. Shampooing more often, such as daily or every other day for people with dandruff. While people with curlier or wavy hair texture should shampoo less during summers to produce natural moisture. 


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