Toshakhana Case: ECP directs Imran Khan to submit record by Sep 7

ISLAMABAD (INN) – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday adjourned the hearing of a reference for the disqualification of Imran Khan over not disclosing Toshakhana gifts in the ECP till September 7 next on the request of more time to submit an answer.

Barrister Ali Zafar, a lawyer for Imran Khan, did not appear before the ECP, and, in his place, his assistant Barrister Gohar appeared and adopted before the ECP panel that one more week was required to submit an answer by Imran Khan in the case.

“Ali Zafar is in Lahore, and therefore, he could not be consulted,” Barrister Gohar said.

“Everything is part of the record already. It should not take so much time,” the chief election commissioner (CEC) stressed.

“We will try to submit the answer till the next hearing. I am asking for the time in a personal capacity,” Barrister Gohar replied.

The ECP gave Imran Khan time till September 7 to submit his reply and adjourned the hearing.

It is to be noted here that Imran Khan had sought time for submitting his answer in the reference on the third consecutive hearing.

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