Smoking Affects Everyone


Tobacco consumption in Pakistan is at an all time high. About 20 percent of adults in Pakistan smoke tobacco, while 15 percent use alternatives like nicotine pouches, naswar, gutka to get their daily hit. As a result, 1 in 4 tweens are exposed to secondhand smoke in their own homes. Various efforts have been taken to raise awareness about the outcomes of indulging in such activities. Cigarette packs come with horrendous pictures of mouth and lung cancer that were caused by cigarette smoking.

The health hazards of tobacco consumption are tremendous. It can decrease your energy level, your lung function, and in extreme cases cause a heart attack, and lung cancer. The repercussions of tobacco consumption are not limited to the consumer. It has dire consequences for one’s partner, children and friends. 72.5 percent of adults who work indoors are exposed to tobacco smoke at the workplace. It can cause health problems such as asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome. Pregnant women can suffer from miscarriages. Second hand smoking can also cause coronary heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

A study was conducted that compared the children of non-smokers with the children of smoker parents. It was found that the latter have higher rates of lung or airway infections including bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

It was also established that such children also have weaker lungs, exposing them to higher risks of breathing complexities that can persist into adulthood. Children become more vulnerable to leukaemia, brain cancers and lymphomas. Other risks of smoking include various health problems, decreased fertility, skin problems such as wrinkling and poor orl hygiene. 




by Amna Sheikh


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