Whitney Heard Upset at Johnny Depp’s Surprise VMAs’ Appearance

If you don’t know about the Depp v. Heard trial then you are probably living under a rock. The highly televised trial was watched by millions around the globe. Johnny Depp came out as a winner when the jury voted in his favour as his team of lawyers were successful in proving Amber Heard used him for fame, and money, and defamed him on false accusations of domestic violence.

More than two months have passed and still the dust hasn’t set. Every day, a hashtag related to Amber Heard or Johnny Depp on Twitter trends, with people from both sides of the parties chiming in their opinion. Though the vast majority of the public side with Depp, there are a few Amber Heard stans that believe the trial was unfair and misogynistic. One of these Amber Heard fans is her sister, Whitney Heard, who took the stand during the trial and gave her testimony against Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp was honoured at the MTV VMAs this weekend and Whitney Heard was not happy with it. The surprise appearance by Johnny Depp was praised by many, while Whitney posted on her Instagram story: “I stand with Amber Heard” and a graphic that renamed the event the “DVMA’s,” a seeming reference to domestic violence.

“@MTV you’re disgusting and clearly desperate! I really hope that none of the people that made this call have daughters…,” she wrote.

“I really hope that none of the people that made this call have daughters.” She added

Johnny Depp was awarded more than $10 million in damages. Amber Heard is now appealing the verdict, and he is appealing her countersuit win. With his victory, Depp has marked his comeback to filmmaking, and signed some new business deals with the world’s famous fashion brands.




Written by Amna Sheikh


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