The Flood in Pictures

The flood has taken an emotional and physical toll on all of us. Words are not enough to describe the intensity of damage. Let’s take a look at the disaster that resulted from the flood:

People make their way through flooded streets after heavy monsoon rainfall in Karachi, in Sindh province, on July 25
Women displaced from their homes by flooding show their national identity cards to receive 25,000 rupees in government cash aid in Sukkur, Pakistan, on August 29.
A family looks for items they can salvage from their flooded home, in Sohbat Pur, Balochistan province, on August 28. Zahid Hussain
Children return home from school by boat in a flooded area of the Dera Ghazi Khan district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, on August 29
A man walks over his collapsed mud house after heavy monsoon rains flooded Jaffarabad, in Balochistan province, on August 28-Fida Hussain
Displaced families receive food rations, taking refuge in roadside tents after fleeing their flood-hit homes in Charsadda, Pakistan, on August 29. Mohammad Sajjad
A displaced family wades with their belongings through a flooded area in the Jaffarabad district of Pakistan’s Balochistan province on August 24. Zahid Hussain/




by Amna Sheikh


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