Govt decides to grant amnesty to illegally residing foreigners

ISLAMABAD (INN) – The government decided to grant conditional amnesty to four lakh foreigners residing illegally in Pakistan.

According to details, the decision to grant amnesty was taken at a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Afghan Affairs on Thursday.

In this regard, the Interior Ministry has approved the summary, while the final decision will be taken by the cabinet.

According to the document of the Ministry of Interior, the amnesty will be for the returning foreigners, including Afghans, Nigerians, Indians and residents of other countries. These residents are staying in Pakistan even after the expiry of the visa period.

It further stated that in case of amnesty, foreigners will have to return by December 31, 2022. On this condition foreigners will not be penalized for staying without a visa and there will be no legal action against the foreigners benefiting from the aforementioned.

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