Hadiqa Kiani’s flood charity gets donation from little angels

LAHORE (INN) – Pakistan singer turned actress Hadiqa Kiani is the first celebrity who realized the magnitude of the calamity Pakistan has been struck by. As soon as floods hit Balochistan, Hadiqa Kiani was on the front line to help our effected brethren and started aid drive called Vaseelah e Rah. Hadiqa has not sat down even for a second and she is gathering donations online as well as her Hadiqa Kiani Salons where you can go and donate for the noble cause.

Two little girls with their piggybanks or as we call them in Pakistan “gulaks” came to visit Hadiqa Kiani salon and donated their savings for the people in need.


Pakistan has faced multiple calamities over the years and we always come out stronger from each. This is the reason behind it, how even our little babies come forward to help those who are in need at that time. Hadiqa Kiani is doing exceptional work right now and these little angels have definitely raised the bar for other people to come forward and join in with whatever they can afford in these difficult and trying times.

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