Climate Change Wreaking Havoc on the Farmers


Pakistan is an agricultural country, with weak industrial growth and political crisis. It accounts for more than 40 percent of the labour force. This year’s inundations have wreaked havoc on 1/3rd of the country. The climate induced rainfalls and floods have destroyed farmlands and public properties, forcing people to leave their homes behind and the fate of their farms in a quandary.

But floods are not the only outcome of global warming. Earlier this year, many areas in the country, including Jacobabad noted record heat waves which made it tedious for the farmers to work in their lands. Furthermore, the crops were also scorched due to the high temperatures which were then drenched by monsoon rains rendering them fully useless.

The agricultural areas are marred with poor infrastructure, poverty and unequal distribution of land. Coupled with extreme weather events, the insecurity among the poor communities is deepening.


Facing a Cultural Shock

The people displaced by flood have sought shelter in urban centres but due to lack of education and any other skills, are forced to live under extreme conditions. The people from rural areas are also facing a cultural shock and are not prepared to deal with the big city life.

Between six and nine million Pakistanis are set to be dragged into poverty as a result of this year’s cataclysmic monsoon flooding that has sent food prices soaring and is estimated to cost at least $30 billion in loss and damage, according to government estimates.

The Big Nations Should be Held Accountable

Pakistan’s contribution towards greenhouse gases and other carbon emissions is less than 1 percent, but is most vulnerable to the dire effects resulting from it. The developed nations that are major emitters should take financial responsibility for causing chaos in the world and impacting poorer nations. Demands are rising for the largest emitters to be held accountable and it might dominate the UN summit next week.




Written by Amna Sheikh


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